Volunteer Opportunities

NOMADS Volunteers Work in Response to Disaster

Location Category: Ongoing
To learn more about the NOMADS program and projects visit: http://www.nomadsumc.org.

Check Out the New Gambling Recovery Ministries Web Site

Location Category: Ongoing
  • Check out the United Methodist-related Gambling Recovery Ministries' greatly expanded Web site www.grmumc.org.
  • Sign up for e-news Bonus Pages at www.grmumc.org.
  • This ministry is supported in part through your congregational tithe to the conference.

Sierra Leone Partners seek education team members for 2014

Location Category: International
Location: Primary Schools in Sierra Leone
Country: Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Partners are looking for education team members to participate on teams conducting workshops for United Methodist Primary Schools (grades K-6) in Sierra Leone in the summer of 2014. The team establishes school libraries and provides teacher training in the use of the libraries as well as in academic areas such as; language arts, math, use of dictionaries, creative writing, etc. For more information, contact Amy Zent, amyzent@yahoo.com. Contributions of children's books and monetary gifts also are needed.

Mission Guatemala Feeding Center needs sponsors

Location Category: International
Location: Guatemala
Country: Guatemala

In early May 2011, Mission Guatemala, an Indiana Conference-based mission, began a feeding program which has been a tremendous success. Each day, MG feeds nearly 100 children in the village of Nueva Esperanza. These children are from very poor families and many were relying on just tortillas, salt and beans for food each day.

Since the program began nearly three months ago, the children have grown significantly. Additionally, the principal of the school told MG that they are learning more and doing much better in school. In order to help underwrite the cost of feeding these children each day, GM is contacting friends and asking them to consider sponsoring a student in the program for $28 a month. In addition to a lunch five-days-a-week, this also will provide each child with a daily vitamin tablet, school supplies and medical and dental services.

MG's goal is to have at least 30 children sponsored in the next 30 days!

Visit the MG website for more information.

Resources to raise awareness of human trafficking

Country: USA

NEW YORK (UMNS) -- United Methodist Women has taken on the fight against human trafficking as part of its mission. The group offers resources for United Methodists to use in addressing labor bondage and sexual exploitation. Read resources.