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After attending the Rejuvenate Conference last fall in LaPorte our Finance committee members realized we had many blessings to count, but needed some major revisions on how we viewed and conveyed finances in our church. Thru David Bell's outstanding leadership and commitment to the development of church finances, we began the process to change our focus and perspective – literally from columnar pad to computer and beyond. At the time of the conference we had already begun a major and costly Stained Glass Window improvement project, quite honestly on a wing and a prayer, and anticipated to borrow the funds to repay over time never giving thought to asking the congregation for assistance thru gifts. It was just not historically 'done' in our church and almost a taboo subject. At Rejuvenate we learned that not only should it be 'done', the ask factor that is, but taught us how to tastefully and tactfully ask to inspire our congregation to give. What a world of difference this has made in our finances! Our Stained Glass Windows project is completely paid for with no debt. Most importantly our church went from only paying for less than half of our annual conference apportionments historically to currently paid up-to-date! These are only two of our first steps toward seeing the true potential our church can accomplishment ‘Rejuvenated' and working together in Christ's Love.

Patricia Kitch, Treasurer
Bourbon First United Methodist Church - Bourbon, IN

Ministry for me has been a process of building upon the foundations God has provided in my life. Though Seminary was a time of testing and discernment it provided a foundation to begin conversations about Theology and Practice of Ministry. It wasn’t until I began serving full-time in the local church that I realized I had received no foundational training in Finance. To say that I muddled through this practice of ministry is an understatement. Church and Personal budgets were foreign to my thinking and like many lay and clergy these became hard conversations to have in a loving manner. REJUVENATE became a foundational building block for this area of my life and ministry. While I am at the beginning of this particular journey in my life, I have greater clarity with regard to the possibility of serving God faithfully in this area of my ministry. I offer a special word of thanks for this gift.

-- Elder

“This grant will pay-off approximately 72% of my outstanding loan balance. In our great joy my wife and I will prayerfully consider how to apply the money we will be saving on a monthly basis to help us reduce our remaining debt ‘snowball’ and move toward our goal of financial freedom. Again, we thank you for this great gift and for the new sense of hope that there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel.”

grant recipient

“It (Financial Peace University) was a very good program that has provided my wife and me the tools that we needed to work together to get out of debt and take more control over our financial future. For the first time in our 32 years marriage we are finally on the same page with our finances.”

clergy participant

“As we have learned throughout our application process, it is a very freeing experience to become debt free and this grant aided in that experience for us.”

grant recipient (and spouse)

“I found the Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity workshop to be an excellent way to get our Finance and Stewardship Teams on the same page. The information is based on factual research and provides a healthy understanding of the financial challenges local churches are now facing. This is not a ready-made program making great promises but it will give you a foundation to think locally about how you can establish your financial integrity and encourage the contributions that will fuel your ministry.”

a lead pastor

“I feel so at peace! I haven’t been earning one more dollar, but I feel as though I have an abundance. I’m able to do what I need to do and some of what I want to do.”

I had three emergencies with my car and my dog, and I was able to dip into my newly formed emergency fund. It makes me feel good to have it, and eager to replenish it now that I have used it up.

Karen Altergott
completed the Financial Peace University
course offered in the North District

Several years ago my husband Glenn and I decided to attend the Financial Peace Workshop being held at our church. We learned how to budget, plan and give abundantly to the church. After two years of great success, I felt we no longer needed “structure and rules” concerning our finances. We could do this without the program. However, after six months it was apparent our finances were not as healthy as they were when we were participating in the program.

When I arrived in Scottsburg for the Extravagant Generosity Workshop, I was not anticipating God to work in my heart concerning our finances. God has truly anointed David Bell for “such a time as this.” His honest and compelling message convicted my heart and reminded me that God is truly the owner and I am His steward.

On Friday at the end of the clergy session, I recommitted our finances to God and have returned to the program that continues to set us free from the bondage of debt. Thank you Rejuvenate.

 The Rev. Vickie Perkins
Hanover, Ind.

Comments on David Bell's Extravagant Generosity Workshops

I came with an attitude that this would be “old stuff.” Boy, I am glad I came. Very good insights/information and encouragement. Great presentation!!

Thank you – I appreciate the info and hope to make the changes

As a church leader, I have gained a lot of knowledge to pass on to our Committee chairpersons to better prepare goals and motivations for fund raising. Thank you.

Very positive. Financial issues have been ignored by me. I now see the importance of sharing this information

Great learning tool

Lot of good positive tools for present and future

It was very informative

Eye opening!

Better understanding of the tools available

My experience has been informative and inspirational

Great discussion and presentation-a lot to think about

Fantastic experience today

The program was very interesting and informative. We hope to use the info during our fundraising for our building project

It was a great experience. Glad I came

This is a great seminar