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Conference Center Location

Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church

301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Telephone  317-924-1321 
Fax  317-735-4228

e-mail  questions@inumc.orgBishop Coyner,

Web site

US 31 to be closed affecting southbound visitors to the Indiana Conference Center

CARMEL, Ind. – The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) plans to close US 31 between Old Meridian and 136th Street to accelerate the construction of an overpass at 126th Street/Carmel Drive and roundabout interchanges at 131st Street/Main Street and 136th Street beginning Friday, April 4 and reopening around Thanksgiving. Those traveling to the Indiana Conference Center from the north on US 31 need to detour to Keystone Parkway just south of 146th Street, continue to 106th Street, turn right or west on 106th and travel west to College Avenue. Turn left or south on College Avenue to Pennsylvania Parkway. Turn right or west on Pennsylvania Parkway to 301 on the south or left side of the parkway. (Click on maps to enlarge.)