Candidacy for Ministry


Contact the district via email with candidacy request.

Send request for candidacy via email or letter to the Chair of the District Committee on Ministry (dCOM), District Superintendent (DS) and/or Associate District Superintendent (ADS) explaining your call. Contact information can be found here


Submit initial paperwork. Important:  Please keep copies of all documents you submit throughout your candidacy process.

Candidate's Checklist for Certification

Complete and email to or mail to Clergy Services, 301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46280. Also send copy to the Chair of your District Committee on Ministry

___  Form ACOR (Retreat application)  

    • Summer Orientation Retreat is July 25-26, 2014; deadline for registration is July 1, 2014.
    • Summer location:  Benedictine Inn, 1402 Southern Avenue, Beech Grove, 46107
    • Winter Orientation Retreat is January 9-10, 2015; deadline for registration is December 1, 2014.
    • Winter location:  Benedictine Inn, 1402 Southern Avenue, Beech Grove, 46107

___  Form 114 (Disclosure)

___  Background Screening Form

___  $100 check payable to the Indiana Conference ($50 background check; $50 Retreat)


Meet with Staff Parish Committee at your church.

___  Submit Form 104a-b (Staff Parish Recommendation) to your dCOM Chair.


Retreat Preparation

___  Meet with dCOM Chair and DS, ADS.
___  DS invites to OCAS (Online Candidacy Application System).
___  Respond to online invitation to OCAS.
___  Complete OCAS steps up to and including payment of $75 and ordering Fulfilling God’s Call.
___  Release of Information (ROI)
___  Complete Personal Data Inventory (PDI) and Personal & Professional Reference List (PPRL)
___  Read first two sections of Fulfilling God’s Call.
___  Notify dCOM Chair that all of the above have been completed.
___  Notify Clergy Services when all steps are complete to confirm attendance at Candidacy Orientation Retreat by July 1 for July Orientation and by Dec 1 for January Orientation.
___  Attend the Candidacy Orientation retreat (All steps above, must be complete before attending the retreat.)


Prepare for Certification

Meet monthly with Candidacy Mentoring Group

Continue preparation for certification interview

___ Attend psychological interview at Buchanan Counseling Center ($130 payable at time of interview)

Submit the following forms to the dCOM Chair:

___ Form A - Annual Mentor Report
___ Form B Financial
___ Form 100
___ Form 103 Medical
___ Form 104c
___ Written answers to Paragraph 310.2.a found in The Book of Discipline
___ Other materials as requested.

___ Meet with dCOM for certification interview.

___ If on the Local Pastor Track, click here.

___ If on the Ordination Track, click here.

For general information, click here.

Associate Director of
Leadership Development - Clergy

Rev. Samuel Padgett

317-564-3252, ext. 1005
FAX: 317-735-4228

Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church
301 Pennsylvania Parkway
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46280